Beijing Rickshaws

Rickshaws have become an integrated part of life in Beijing. Without them, Beijing would miss something.. the convenience to move around short distance. cheap and fast!

Beijing RIckshaw  However they are increasingly threatened by the government and officially are not allowed. The problem with Rickshaws is that they are noisy, dangerous and they don’t look pretty. But depending on who you ask, they bring an atmosphere and lifestyle to the city that without it Beijing would not be Beijing.

Beijing RIckshawFor foreigners learning how to ride them is the ultimate lesson of China. Because you have to haggle.. never accept the first price. Also you must communicate to the driver where you want to go in a messy city. If you can survive through this daily task, you can live in China!

Beijing RIckshaw

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Liyuan Theatre Repertoir

We’ve been reported that the Liyuan Theatre is performing a new repertoir collection of the old and loved Peking Opera classics. Included are the Farewell My Concubine, The Crossroads, A Bird in Cage and Drunken Beauty. Those who wish to see the show, may get more information as well as ticket booking through the official Liyuan Theatre Google+ homepage. If you are in the city, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

Liyuan Theatre Opera

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Chinese Theater Acrobatics Dazzle The Crowd At Chaoyang Theatre

Enjoyed the previous Peking Opera review? Well.. Beijing Report has another treat for you! This time another performing art form as classic and ancient as Opera: Chinese Acrobatics! The photos below are hand picked highlights from the Flying Acrobatic Show at the Chaoyang Theatre. An acrobatic venue in Beijing that is full of excitement to the highest degree!

There are other acrobatic shows in Beijing definitely worth visiting, but this is our personal favorite. Some call it the best, but we know that it depends on the type of person which show is more suitable. The style in Chaoyang is very extreme, at some cases not that family friendly. Which makes it extra thrilling!

We hope the pictures will speak for themselves. Enjoy! For those who want to visit the venue or get more information, please visit the official “Beijing Tourism Authority” authorized Chaoyang Theatre homepage.

Please note that all these stunts have been made by extremely professional Chinese acrobats, so do not attempt any of these at home. If you still wish to do so, we recommend many years of Chinese acrobatic school to learn these tricks! Just kidding, but it’s true.


Chaoyang Theatre

The artistic show is dazzling with light.

Chaoyang Theatre

The bike trick is one of the classics everyone loves.

Chaoyang Theatre

Colorful and beautiful women are plentiful.

Chaoyang Theatre

The story has it’s romantic bits as well.

Chaoyang Theatre

This is one of the most extreme balancing tricks every seen on the Beijing stage.

Chaoyang Theatre

Extremely beautiful choreography can be expected!

Chaoyang Theatre

The extremes of bodily function.


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Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

The Wonders of Appartment Buying in Beijing

Buying an apartment from Beijing has become increasingly difficult. All for good reason, to avoid the housing market bubble from bursting. Back in the days, apartments were inexpensive and while the economy was starting to boom.. Many took their chance to buy two or several residences just for themselves.

Now the price level is remarkably high and buying one is a serious investment. Those apartments that are being bought, are being sold by those who did not need to do much as to lift their finger.

But as the economy boom continues to rise on an increasing level.. apartments are still being traded in high speeds. This is why the amount of apartments being able to buy is decresead and non Beijing-residents are unable to do so at all.

Such policies have only taken the problem somewhere else, which happens to be new residental areas just ouside the border of the city. There one can still freely invest in the housing market and business is as usual.

While thanks to these prevention methods, Beijing is OK for now. Moving the problem to the outskirts is only a momentary solution. Long term effects are still virtually unknown and many believe that serious economic reform is still in great lack!

For those foreigners who are still wanting to invest to the Beijing housing market, perhaps because of the pressure from the family of the Chinese girl they are about the marry. A liable option is a so called “business apartment” which is meant for local businesses. However due the loosened laws regarding these apartments, many regular ones go with this name.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

The True Beijing Opera at Liyuan Theatre

We decided to cheer up Beijing Report with a little story from our favorite Peijing Opera venue at Liyuan Theatre in Beijing. For those who don’t know what Beijing Opera is, it is traditional Chinese theatre, performed with extreme precision and diligence. There is no way you can compare it with it’s western counterpart.

The show is witty, funny.. and what’s best is the laughs you get from the over expressive faces of the performers. If you go to see it, make sure you are close enough the stage to witness how far those eyebrows can really twist.

For those planning a visit or want to know more, see the Liyuan Theatre website at: ~ remember to book discount tickets soon enough not to miss the show!

In the case you are itching for a look or don’t have the chance to visit Beijing, please enjoy some of these amazing captions of those remarkable faces of extremely talented Chinese Peking Opera actors!

Peking Opera

Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre Beijing

Beijing Opera

Beijing Liyuan Theatre

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Foreigner Life in The Bubble

Foreigners live in Beijing for all kinds of different reasons. In China however, work seems to be one of the most heavy ones. This is no surprise however as the economic situation keeps it’s steady pace of improvement, the country is full of opportunities that are no longer  possible in the western society.

As work attracts foreigners, unfortunately this move often lacks any other special interest in the country itself. Someone who has arrived to China for the first time will most likely be surprised how this abundance of opportunities comes with several drawbacks. The reason is, that not only the economy but as well as the society is in a developing mode where there is much demand for improvement.

Despite this fact, money will get you around most of the problems. At least temporarily, why many of such Beijing residents don’t consider living in the country permanently. Permanent residence will undoubtedly confront you with many everyday problems.

So you have a nice job at a nice office as well as a nice and nice car. The combination of these three and the nearest fancy shopping mall will provide you with all of life’s needs without having to set foot onto the dirty streets in between. This bubble is a life where you don’t have to mix deeply into the Chinese society, an easy way out for foreigners.

Such houses and work places are equipped with air cleaners to get rid of the pollution problem. The safety of your car and the cleanness of shopping malls will enable you to move around without having to get your hands dirty. This kind of a life is unfortunate however, since one might miss a lot of great things about Beijing. Never bringing home that real experience and tale what China really is.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Traffic in Beijing

One of the many things unique to the city has to be it’s traffic situation. It is said that the streets are extremely chaotic and dangerous, however this is not exactly the truth. At first one might be frightened at the atmosphere which is loud, noisy and busy. Traffic jams are one thing but there is a certain kind of order in all that messyness. Everyone, including anything from motorcycles, cars, buses, bicycles, rikshaws, trycicles, animals as well as pedestrians have found their place amongst all that hazzle.

The best feature of Beijing traffic has to be it’s flexibility as well as it’s beauty. Everyone is ready for any situation to occur and therefore difficult, unanticipated situations can be delt with safely and swiftly. Therefore the feeling can be at most even safer than that of the west.

Taxies are very cheap and convinient as long as you can find one. However it is wise to watch out for illegal or so called “black taxies” that have small headlights and stop besides roads yelling at customers. If you have trouble knowing whic taxi is official or not, the biggest distinction is that legal taxies have meters that count the price of your journey. Illegal ones however want to decide on the full fair in advance.

Besides many bigger crossroads there are police boxes, bring further safety to the roads.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng