Using ExpressVPN in Beijing

A lot of people here in Beijing are using different kinds of “methods” to access their favorite western news papers, read blogs and get a fast speed for their browsing. But it’s every time the same, how those that are new to the art start looking for a VPN connection without any idea what exactly to look for. Not all services are the same, and most are even not suitable for browsing the web in Beijing.

The reason why I talk about Beijing in particular, is because it is without a doubt the most internet traffic congested city in China. You would think that the capital city would have the best technology available but not. Of course China is fast building more and more bandwidth for it’s nations internet addiction, which is just never enough. Oh, and btw. we run out of IP addresses already which is why the world has to gradually change to another numbering format. All thanks to China of course. But it’s not all that bad, you can still get a decent connection in Beijing and that’s a lot thanks to finding the right VPN service.

While none is perfect, we have been mostly happy using ExpressVPN because of their very fast connection to a Hong Kong server. You can also get an ExpressVPN discount coupon code, so that a 30 days free will give you just enough time to see if it works well for you or not. Every city is different, but the particular data center they are using in HK happens to be most of the time a very fast connection to Beijing. Other services have different kinds of connections, and sometimes they can slow down your speed significantly.

It’s also good to note, that there have been these kinds of “crack-downs” on these methods. So it’s never a bullet proof solution. Just something that should be considered an extra option, whenever you need it. It’s not some “express” delivery service, that will solve all your problems in one. Especially when there are big important meetings, that is when the internet police is out to block these things. Even if temporarily. Because it is the simple and hard fact, that the Chinese government can never completely block everything. That would simply not be a wise idea.

If you have any questions about using ExpressVPN, just drop us a comment or if you have success with it. Equally, give us your thoughts as well. If you are outside of Beijing however, I cannot guarantee anything.. yet, it might work so do try the 30 days free and wish yourself luck! Which is just a Chinese joke but bare with me.

Have a great day,
Dwayne Peng from Beijing Report