Past & Future Look to the Acrobatic Show Scene in China

It has been more than an interesting ride with all the shows in Beijing, as well as the acrobatic one we visited in the city of Shanghai. Within a very short time, we have seen many of the theater venues develop tremendously. A fact that we are very proud of, and whenever visitors come to Beijing we make sure to take them to visit at least our famous Beijing Acrobatic Show at the heart of the performing culture center. It has never happened, that any of our guests would not have been amazed by the performance. The second fact, that makes us confident to present it to any nationality, age or even theatrical preference. One of the things we love the most, when we can surprise the expectations of someone, who perhaps originally didn’t like acrobatics or such circus performance before. Yet after seeing the show at the Chaoyang Theater, is completely hooked! It makes us think “This is the life” in all it’s brilliance.

Beautiful Beijing Acrobatics

That doesn’t mean that there are not exceptions however, for example the show at Tiandi Theatre is also an extremely enjoyable performance for those business groups that prefer a smaller setting, which doesn’t lack in excitement of course. So we ask before hand from our customers, if they prefer the full blown spectacle or a moreo intimate experience.. either way is perfectly fine for us, and we could see any of the shows a thousand times without getting bored at them.

Of course, we would never forget the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe either, which is top of the line in the acrobatic world of Shanghai. If we can say one unfortunate thing, is that whenever we visit Shanghai we are so busy with work.. it seems that the life of pace there is quite different from Beijing where we still have more relaxing moments. Perhaps it’s just the experience of the Beijing Report staff, or perhaps sometimes others can relate to.. from what we heard so far, it seems to be the case indeed.

But it all comes down to the magnificence of the Chaoyang Theatre, to which we reported a new stunt repertoire at the end of last year. It has been very successful, and guests have been more impressed than ever. It’s no longer a question of Beijing acrobatics, but more of a Chinese acrobatic experience on a national level. It’s where people go to see the top of the line in evolution. It has indeed stayd dear to our hearts and close to our minds and motives. Sometimes we have gathered courage and innovation from it, that has been shared in mutual respect with all those who attended the show with us. Not even the pollution in Beijing matters for a day, when you get to experience the troupe. It’s really easy to get to the theatre, just jump on a Rickshaw and you are there. I know that most people prefer to take a taxi for the convenience, but we want to bring people a very unique, and original Chinese understanding.. from such a simple thing that it’s just so much fun.

Anyway, we found this amazing trailer on YouTube of the Beijing Acrobatic Show. We wanted to show it to you so that more people would get excited about it. It’s just because we would really like them to have even more business so that they become even more famous.. and of course further improve the spectacle that already has it’s excitement level up to the roof. But knowing that they can achieve the impossible, we are sure that they can go even further.. just so that China can stay on top!

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Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng