Just Life & or Just News from Beijing

For a lot of us who live in Beijing, we are used to that fact that life is the biggest news here. Let’s face it, Beijingers as well as the rest of the Chinese love to talk. There are so many people who cant just ignore all the so called “big news”, that are presented by the media. While at the same time going to such huge lengths to fish out all the gossip of the place they live in. It’s all innocent of course, as most of the Chinese don’t have any kind of “bad eye” as they like to call it. I would call it a geniuine interest in life itself. That is an important essense of the people in the republic.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

I guess the big confusion is, that in the west this kind of activity is often seemed as something that’s just being nosy. But in China, it’s completely innocent. And simply that fact that a custom that’s something totally different in another country, and again something else in another. Simply that gives us kicks and wants us to learn more about a culture and it’s customs. China is loaded with that. Sometimes you have logic reasoning behind the facts and sometimes.. it feels just so wrong. But exactly that moment when it’s hard to accept a new way of thinking, there is tremendous opportunity to learn something totally new. Which doesn’t mean that you have to accept everything. Without a doubt, not everything is ethical or doing the right thing around here.

A Chinese would probably say that “it’s just life”, which has it’s annoyance but at the same time it’s like.. you wish you could do as them, and enjoy life with such simplicity. For folks like us, the key is in a balance. We learned our half from the so called “innocence”, in China. And the second half comes from our roots in the west. That’s why in todays world it’s great to be born as a so called multinational. You get to choose and pick what ever you like!

We bring the balance, we have decided. Both life and both news. And we are not a rare occurence, it seems a lot of us expats in China have learned that salt in life.

Annnyway, just happy Chinese new year everyone! Watch out for the fireworks.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng