The Future of Beijing Reporting

Beijing Report has become a sort of a personal blog of some kind, with opinions and experiences from the city. We have been quite happy with that, but also wanted to ask our readers if they are satisfied with the experience so far. That’s why we opened up a questionare of a lot of the entities that are still following our footsteps and reading our news. Turned out the results were very positive indeed and people have been happy with our more “personal” approach to news reporting. As many of have seen, we have put a fair amount of effort into theatre and other show venues, which has received a lot of positive comments. Also it has been an amazing experience for us and we hope to do more show review reporting in the future!

Beijing Report LogoI Dwayne Peng, have been quite busy with my main work, and have to admit that couldn’t post as often as I originally wanted to. And that is one of the things we are trying to teach and get the message across too. That Beijing is a hard working place, and for those foreigners who think that they can just come here and enjoy a relaxed life while spending money. This is not always the case at all, and westerners are expected to perform well in business. Even more than the hardworking Chinese counterpart.

All this had lead to us thinking that the future is Beijing Report will be something that’s just, in the future without a certain destiny. Sometimes things are better left on their own weight, which is often the style in China. But what’s important is to recognise when it’s the right time to do that, and when you really need to push for a certain goal. For us, our loves are full of goals to be achieved and there is just not enough time to pursue a full on Beijing news service. At least for now with these resources.

Basically we will do what feels fun for us and if that’s good to keep things going in a light way, we are very happy to serve you for that one entertainment part. Hopefully the resource we have created will be not just fun and games but useful as well.

Many thanks and let’s see where the wind blows!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng