More Stunning Acrobatics in Shanghai

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

Beijing report is often following the trends in performing arts, especially acrobatics. After watching an old documentary called “How Yukong Moved the Mountains” which is an incredible documentation of the last days of the Cultural Revolution.  One of the episodes on the DVD, was known as “A performance at Peking Opera”. It showed a thirty minute clip of Beijing acrobatics training and performing acrobatics that were just as amazing as todays shows have proved out to be.

This motivated us even more to seek out more amazing performances in China and not just concentrate on Beijing. Thus, we bought a train ticket to the dazzling city of Shanghai for a trip that was soon to become one of the biggest experiences in our lives.

Life was good just as the food. We had just heard of news about the incoming heat wave that was to reach record temperatures. Shanghai is a pretty hot place, especially in the summer. So news like this didn’t come that much as a surprise. To find a solution to all this, the best we could think of was to go watch an acrobatic show. There are several theatres that are not only air-conditioned but also boast some of the greatest acrobatic performances in the world. So if you are hot in the sun, find the nearest theatre for not only a good rest from the heat but an exercise of the mind. Watching such incredible feats is not for the faint hearted.

Shanghai Acrobatic Stunt

As the variety of venues is tremendously huge in Shanghai, we went to see the original Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, which still remains one of the biggest things, ever. Thanks to the Show Shanghai guide, we were able to actually find the real thing. Let’s face it, you have to be careful in China, not just in Beijing but also in Shanghai when you want to head to the “authentic” place. Guides such as this one, come in handy. Hosted at the Shanghai Center we must say it was just as amazing as in Beijing. But the atmosphere was quite different. Perhaps it’s the influence of the nearby Sea or we don’t know, but all of us had the same feeling that the show was more relaxed. While it’s not a good or bad thing, it was just a different style to the troupe that does not fail to nock your socks off!

Someone outside of the theatre asked from us, “is this the famous acrobatic show?” to which we answered: “yes, you have come to the right place”. Obviously quite some people are a bit loss at which one to go, well we want to enforce the fact that it’s Shanghai Center that has the authentic and very real and old but refreshingly innovative Acrobatic Troupe belonging to the proud city of Shanghai.

Shanghai Acrobatics

From the beautiful choreography by the most beautiful Chinese women, to the daring knife acts that the audience could take part in. We were most impressed by the freshness of the show, which was living proof of the acrobatic evolution that is taking place on stage, with constant changes. But for the fans of old classics, there is nothing to fear since the best of the ancient traditions are still well reflected within the course of the program.

We just want to say, thank you to the great city of Shanghai. And we hope to come again very soon!

Sincere reporting from China,

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng