New Stunts Coming to Chaoyang Theatre

The previously Chaoyang Theatre show in Beijing has finally brushed up the show to bring even more extreme stunts to the famous Beijing acrobatic stage! This time, there are a few tricks that will surprise even those with experience of Chinese acrobatic shows according to the  Chaoyang Theatre press interview.

New Stunts at Chaoyang Theatre

New stunts should kick in the month of May, with not much actual news on what they will be. This is the way things go forward in China, with plenty of uncertainty. But what we are certain of however, is that although being a hugely successful theatre, it is time for them to come up with something new to refresh their loyal fan base!

While we should be careful to not get too exited about such announcements before they actually happen. On the other hand, it does seem pretty official so the pressure is on them. Future will tell if they are really able to do it or not. Check out the information page about Chaoyang Theatre to follow their situation. Fingers crossed!

They also have a twitter account but I am not sure how regularly updated it is. Well try to keep you updated as well!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng