The Beijing Red Theatre has Seen Improvement

Red Theatre Beijing

It’s been several years sense we’ve visited the Kung Fu show scene in Beijing and we are glad that we did. There have been massive improvements over the years, probably due to the high competition in fantastic businesses that the nightlife in Beijing has seen. It seems that the acrobatic scene has had plenty of business over the years with no stop in sight, this is mainly due to the abundance of Chinese tourists.

However with Kung Fu it’s a different story and the shows are mainly flocked with western tourists, which is no longer a booming industry. In order to redesign the Red Theatre Beijing concept, a makeover such as a stunning theatre was built. Is is no longer possible to miss it as this huge building glows red through the Beijing night.

The performance as well is polished with a touch of “western sensitivity” making it more suitable for a wide range in audience, including the Chinese. First thing we noticed that finally these actors are trained enough not to make any mistakes, which is something that still happens a lot in acrobatic performances in China.

But the other thing we loved was the delicate part of the show. Obviously a lot of effort had been put in dancing acts, romantic scenes and an touch of artistic performance. This is almost unseen on such a mainstream level, we were left pondering if the Chinese really liked it or not. Check it out if your in Beijing!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng