The True Beijing Opera at Liyuan Theatre

We decided to cheer up Beijing Report with a little story from our favorite Peijing Opera venue at Liyuan Theatre in Beijing. For those who don’t know what Beijing Opera is, it is traditional Chinese theatre, performed with extreme precision and diligence. There is no way you can compare it with it’s western counterpart.

The show is witty, funny.. and what’s best is the laughs you get from the over expressive faces of the performers. If you go to see it, make sure you are close enough the stage to witness how far those eyebrows can really twist.

For those planning a visit or want to know more, see the Liyuan Theatre website at: ~ remember to book discount tickets soon enough not to miss the show!

In the case you are itching for a look or don’t have the chance to visit Beijing, please enjoy some of these amazing captions of those remarkable faces of extremely talented Chinese Peking Opera actors!

Peking Opera

Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre Beijing

Beijing Opera

Beijing Liyuan Theatre

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng