Traffic in Beijing

One of the many things unique to the city has to be it’s traffic situation. It is said that the streets are extremely chaotic and dangerous, however this is not exactly the truth. At first one might be frightened at the atmosphere which is loud, noisy and busy. Traffic jams are one thing but there is a certain kind of order in all that messyness. Everyone, including anything from motorcycles, cars, buses, bicycles, rikshaws, trycicles, animals as well as pedestrians have found their place amongst all that hazzle.

The best feature of Beijing traffic has to be it’s flexibility as well as it’s beauty. Everyone is ready for any situation to occur and therefore difficult, unanticipated situations can be delt with safely and swiftly. Therefore the feeling can be at most even safer than that of the west.

Taxies are very cheap and convinient as long as you can find one. However it is wise to watch out for illegal or so called “black taxies” that have small headlights and stop besides roads yelling at customers. If you have trouble knowing whic taxi is official or not, the biggest distinction is that legal taxies have meters that count the price of your journey. Illegal ones however want to decide on the full fair in advance.

Besides many bigger crossroads there are police boxes, bring further safety to the roads.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng