Past & Future Look to the Acrobatic Show Scene in China

It has been more than an interesting ride with all the shows in Beijing, as well as the acrobatic one we visited in the city of Shanghai. Within a very short time, we have seen many of the theater venues develop tremendously. A fact that we are very proud of, and whenever visitors come to Beijing we make sure to take them to visit at least our famous Beijing Acrobatic Show at the heart of the performing culture center. It has never happened, that any of our guests would not have been amazed by the performance. The second fact, that makes us confident to present it to any nationality, age or even theatrical preference. One of the things we love the most, when we can surprise the expectations of someone, who perhaps originally didn’t like acrobatics or such circus performance before. Yet after seeing the show at the Chaoyang Theater, is completely hooked! It makes us think “This is the life” in all it’s brilliance.

Beautiful Beijing Acrobatics

That doesn’t mean that there are not exceptions however, for example the show at Tiandi Theatre is also an extremely enjoyable performance for those business groups that prefer a smaller setting, which doesn’t lack in excitement of course. So we ask before hand from our customers, if they prefer the full blown spectacle or a moreo intimate experience.. either way is perfectly fine for us, and we could see any of the shows a thousand times without getting bored at them.

Of course, we would never forget the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe either, which is top of the line in the acrobatic world of Shanghai. If we can say one unfortunate thing, is that whenever we visit Shanghai we are so busy with work.. it seems that the life of pace there is quite different from Beijing where we still have more relaxing moments. Perhaps it’s just the experience of the Beijing Report staff, or perhaps sometimes others can relate to.. from what we heard so far, it seems to be the case indeed.

But it all comes down to the magnificence of the Chaoyang Theatre, to which we reported a new stunt repertoire at the end of last year. It has been very successful, and guests have been more impressed than ever. It’s no longer a question of Beijing acrobatics, but more of a Chinese acrobatic experience on a national level. It’s where people go to see the top of the line in evolution. It has indeed stayd dear to our hearts and close to our minds and motives. Sometimes we have gathered courage and innovation from it, that has been shared in mutual respect with all those who attended the show with us. Not even the pollution in Beijing matters for a day, when you get to experience the troupe. It’s really easy to get to the theatre, just jump on a Rickshaw and you are there. I know that most people prefer to take a taxi for the convenience, but we want to bring people a very unique, and original Chinese understanding.. from such a simple thing that it’s just so much fun.

Anyway, we found this amazing trailer on YouTube of the Beijing Acrobatic Show. We wanted to show it to you so that more people would get excited about it. It’s just because we would really like them to have even more business so that they become even more famous.. and of course further improve the spectacle that already has it’s excitement level up to the roof. But knowing that they can achieve the impossible, we are sure that they can go even further.. just so that China can stay on top!

Thanks for your interest! See you soon and please contact us if you have any improvement ideas for the website.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Just Life & or Just News from Beijing

For a lot of us who live in Beijing, we are used to that fact that life is the biggest news here. Let’s face it, Beijingers as well as the rest of the Chinese love to talk. There are so many people who cant just ignore all the so called “big news”, that are presented by the media. While at the same time going to such huge lengths to fish out all the gossip of the place they live in. It’s all innocent of course, as most of the Chinese don’t have any kind of “bad eye” as they like to call it. I would call it a geniuine interest in life itself. That is an important essense of the people in the republic.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

I guess the big confusion is, that in the west this kind of activity is often seemed as something that’s just being nosy. But in China, it’s completely innocent. And simply that fact that a custom that’s something totally different in another country, and again something else in another. Simply that gives us kicks and wants us to learn more about a culture and it’s customs. China is loaded with that. Sometimes you have logic reasoning behind the facts and sometimes.. it feels just so wrong. But exactly that moment when it’s hard to accept a new way of thinking, there is tremendous opportunity to learn something totally new. Which doesn’t mean that you have to accept everything. Without a doubt, not everything is ethical or doing the right thing around here.

A Chinese would probably say that “it’s just life”, which has it’s annoyance but at the same time it’s like.. you wish you could do as them, and enjoy life with such simplicity. For folks like us, the key is in a balance. We learned our half from the so called “innocence”, in China. And the second half comes from our roots in the west. That’s why in todays world it’s great to be born as a so called multinational. You get to choose and pick what ever you like!

We bring the balance, we have decided. Both life and both news. And we are not a rare occurence, it seems a lot of us expats in China have learned that salt in life.

Annnyway, just happy Chinese new year everyone! Watch out for the fireworks.

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

The Future of Beijing Reporting

Beijing Report has become a sort of a personal blog of some kind, with opinions and experiences from the city. We have been quite happy with that, but also wanted to ask our readers if they are satisfied with the experience so far. That’s why we opened up a questionare of a lot of the entities that are still following our footsteps and reading our news. Turned out the results were very positive indeed and people have been happy with our more “personal” approach to news reporting. As many of have seen, we have put a fair amount of effort into theatre and other show venues, which has received a lot of positive comments. Also it has been an amazing experience for us and we hope to do more show review reporting in the future!

Beijing Report LogoI Dwayne Peng, have been quite busy with my main work, and have to admit that couldn’t post as often as I originally wanted to. And that is one of the things we are trying to teach and get the message across too. That Beijing is a hard working place, and for those foreigners who think that they can just come here and enjoy a relaxed life while spending money. This is not always the case at all, and westerners are expected to perform well in business. Even more than the hardworking Chinese counterpart.

All this had lead to us thinking that the future is Beijing Report will be something that’s just, in the future without a certain destiny. Sometimes things are better left on their own weight, which is often the style in China. But what’s important is to recognise when it’s the right time to do that, and when you really need to push for a certain goal. For us, our loves are full of goals to be achieved and there is just not enough time to pursue a full on Beijing news service. At least for now with these resources.

Basically we will do what feels fun for us and if that’s good to keep things going in a light way, we are very happy to serve you for that one entertainment part. Hopefully the resource we have created will be not just fun and games but useful as well.

Many thanks and let’s see where the wind blows!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Another Beijing Acrobatic Delight at Tiandi Theatre

Once again, it’s that time of the year when Beijing is freaking cold and you just know that the most cost effective way to warm up are closed spaces and crowds of people. And what better chance than to go and watch an acrobatic show that we haven’t seen yet. Still some on our list, we picked randomly from the hat another crowd swarming sheep flocking spectacle at the Tiandi Theatre in Beijing. The stage was set for a warm and exciting night, and to tell you the truth we could use the break from work!

To put it short, we were impressed. It’s really hard to say what is the best acrobatics in town. Obviously almost all of them are worth it. So in that sense, if you live here you might as well go see them all. If you don’t and you have limited time, the question is trickier. But we hope to share some light on this difficult choosing issue, heh.

As for Tiandi Theatre, we would say that the experience was very intimate. Obviously a lot of theatres in Beijing are huge, with even more huge crowds. The charm of Tiandi is that it’s not that big, but still the crowd is nicely pack making the atmosphere go up to the roof. If you don’t believe us, go and see it for yourself. Especially now during winter, it would be our best recommendation because of the warmth value. Maybe during Summer it could get a little bit too hot? Who knows. We’ll probably try that too!

Check out the Tiandi Acrobatic Show trailer and you see what we mean:

In Beijing? Head to: 10 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng district. Dongsi Shitiao Station on the Beijing subway is the closest, quickest and easiest way to get there. Don’t miss it!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

More Stunning Acrobatics in Shanghai

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

Beijing report is often following the trends in performing arts, especially acrobatics. After watching an old documentary called “How Yukong Moved the Mountains” which is an incredible documentation of the last days of the Cultural Revolution.  One of the episodes on the DVD, was known as “A performance at Peking Opera”. It showed a thirty minute clip of Beijing acrobatics training and performing acrobatics that were just as amazing as todays shows have proved out to be.

This motivated us even more to seek out more amazing performances in China and not just concentrate on Beijing. Thus, we bought a train ticket to the dazzling city of Shanghai for a trip that was soon to become one of the biggest experiences in our lives.

Life was good just as the food. We had just heard of news about the incoming heat wave that was to reach record temperatures. Shanghai is a pretty hot place, especially in the summer. So news like this didn’t come that much as a surprise. To find a solution to all this, the best we could think of was to go watch an acrobatic show. There are several theatres that are not only air-conditioned but also boast some of the greatest acrobatic performances in the world. So if you are hot in the sun, find the nearest theatre for not only a good rest from the heat but an exercise of the mind. Watching such incredible feats is not for the faint hearted.

Shanghai Acrobatic Stunt

As the variety of venues is tremendously huge in Shanghai, we went to see the original Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, which still remains one of the biggest things, ever. Thanks to the Show Shanghai guide, we were able to actually find the real thing. Let’s face it, you have to be careful in China, not just in Beijing but also in Shanghai when you want to head to the “authentic” place. Guides such as this one, come in handy. Hosted at the Shanghai Center we must say it was just as amazing as in Beijing. But the atmosphere was quite different. Perhaps it’s the influence of the nearby Sea or we don’t know, but all of us had the same feeling that the show was more relaxed. While it’s not a good or bad thing, it was just a different style to the troupe that does not fail to nock your socks off!

Someone outside of the theatre asked from us, “is this the famous acrobatic show?” to which we answered: “yes, you have come to the right place”. Obviously quite some people are a bit loss at which one to go, well we want to enforce the fact that it’s Shanghai Center that has the authentic and very real and old but refreshingly innovative Acrobatic Troupe belonging to the proud city of Shanghai.

Shanghai Acrobatics

From the beautiful choreography by the most beautiful Chinese women, to the daring knife acts that the audience could take part in. We were most impressed by the freshness of the show, which was living proof of the acrobatic evolution that is taking place on stage, with constant changes. But for the fans of old classics, there is nothing to fear since the best of the ancient traditions are still well reflected within the course of the program.

We just want to say, thank you to the great city of Shanghai. And we hope to come again very soon!

Sincere reporting from China,

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

New Stunts Coming to Chaoyang Theatre

The previously Chaoyang Theatre show in Beijing has finally brushed up the show to bring even more extreme stunts to the famous Beijing acrobatic stage! This time, there are a few tricks that will surprise even those with experience of Chinese acrobatic shows according to the  Chaoyang Theatre press interview.

New Stunts at Chaoyang Theatre

New stunts should kick in the month of May, with not much actual news on what they will be. This is the way things go forward in China, with plenty of uncertainty. But what we are certain of however, is that although being a hugely successful theatre, it is time for them to come up with something new to refresh their loyal fan base!

While we should be careful to not get too exited about such announcements before they actually happen. On the other hand, it does seem pretty official so the pressure is on them. Future will tell if they are really able to do it or not. Check out the information page about Chaoyang Theatre to follow their situation. Fingers crossed!

They also have a twitter account but I am not sure how regularly updated it is. Well try to keep you updated as well!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

And Beijing Pollution Continues

It’s boring to take up the subject.. again and again. Year after year. But since nothing is happening, except that Beijing has declared war on polution.. I am increasingly conserned about the future of the nature.

Chinese officials being asked the question, “what does it mean to declare war on pollution”.. the answer are nothing but diversions, no one really knows what it means. It just sounds strong and valid. But actually if you think about it, you can see that it shows how ignorant everyone is.

Obviously war is not what we need. We don’t need more chemicals, the worlds largest artificial climate simulator. All this is going the same direction as before… more % and even more $.

The Beijing government needs to step up and go do some real field work. Go to every fcking factory in the country and demand that proper modern filters and other nature precautions are installed and operating. It’s a huge task.. but somone has to start with simple things like that.

The other super worrying move is that China will simply spread the pollution all over China so it won’t be so concentrate.. so bad? I mean what the ‘ell. China should hold on to their remaining clean natural resources.. because they are worth more than gold!

By having pollutants in smaller areas, they are easier to manage, to regulate. But for as long as the government is corrupt, they will not have real interesting in balancing out profit and proper “green investments”.

Wake up Beijing!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

The Beijing Red Theatre has Seen Improvement

Red Theatre Beijing

It’s been several years sense we’ve visited the Kung Fu show scene in Beijing and we are glad that we did. There have been massive improvements over the years, probably due to the high competition in fantastic businesses that the nightlife in Beijing has seen. It seems that the acrobatic scene has had plenty of business over the years with no stop in sight, this is mainly due to the abundance of Chinese tourists.

However with Kung Fu it’s a different story and the shows are mainly flocked with western tourists, which is no longer a booming industry. In order to redesign the Red Theatre Beijing concept, a makeover such as a stunning theatre was built. Is is no longer possible to miss it as this huge building glows red through the Beijing night.

The performance as well is polished with a touch of “western sensitivity” making it more suitable for a wide range in audience, including the Chinese. First thing we noticed that finally these actors are trained enough not to make any mistakes, which is something that still happens a lot in acrobatic performances in China.

But the other thing we loved was the delicate part of the show. Obviously a lot of effort had been put in dancing acts, romantic scenes and an touch of artistic performance. This is almost unseen on such a mainstream level, we were left pondering if the Chinese really liked it or not. Check it out if your in Beijing!

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Beijing Rickshaws

Rickshaws have become an integrated part of life in Beijing. Without them, Beijing would miss something.. the convenience to move around short distance. cheap and fast!

Beijing RIckshaw  However they are increasingly threatened by the government and officially are not allowed. The problem with Rickshaws is that they are noisy, dangerous and they don’t look pretty. But depending on who you ask, they bring an atmosphere and lifestyle to the city that without it Beijing would not be Beijing.

Beijing RIckshawFor foreigners learning how to ride them is the ultimate lesson of China. Because you have to haggle.. never accept the first price. Also you must communicate to the driver where you want to go in a messy city. If you can survive through this daily task, you can live in China!

Beijing RIckshaw

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng

Liyuan Theatre Repertoir

We’ve been reported that the Liyuan Theatre is performing a new repertoir collection of the old and loved Peking Opera classics. Included are the Farewell My Concubine, The Crossroads, A Bird in Cage and Drunken Beauty. Those who wish to see the show, may get more information as well as ticket booking through the official Liyuan Theatre Google+ homepage. If you are in the city, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

Liyuan Theatre Opera

Beijing Report / Dwayne Peng